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To smoke or not to smoke?

It can sometimes be confusing to figure out which fuels are safe for use indoors. There's nothing like the ambiance of dining by an oil candle, but toxic fumes can really put a damper on your dinner.

The fewer additives to your fuel, the less likely it is to smoke. Pure paraffin oil is the choice for oil lamps, lanterns and candles. It's very safe for use indoors, and is smoke and soot free. Keep your paraffin PURE for indoor use - any additives like Eucalyptus and Citronella mean outdoor use only (that's where all the bugs are anyway).

There are occasions where you'll WANT smoke. Outdoor tiki torches are an excellent option for shooing away bugs, and in this case, smoke is your friend. Add essential oils like Lemon Eucalyptus and Citronella to the smoke, and you'll effectively confuse mosquitoes out looking for blood. Your torches shouldn't be repelling your guests, though - if you find your torches smoking excessively, shorten your wick, and be sure to only use high-quality torch fuel.

Not sure if your oil is safe for indoor use, or wondering how much smoke is TOO much on a tiki torch? We can help!