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Tiki Torch Fuel

Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)

Firefly Tiki Torch Oil works great in tiki torches, canisters, fire pots with a wick and other similar products.

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Product Description

Firefly Tiki Torch Fuel is unlike typical Big-Box-Store Tiki Fuel. It is odorless, produces Noticeably Less Soot & Smoke, AND in-house testing shows it burns 50% longer than big-box tiki fuel. (Your Results may vary.)

It took a while, but we were able to source an amazing tiki torch fuel that had the characteristics that were most important to us.  Firefly Tiki Torch Fuel produces NOTICEABLY less smoke and soot. Now, here’s the best part, it burns 50% longer than our major competitor’s tiki fuel! No Kidding. (See the VIDEO TAB on this page for the specifics of our in-house testing.)


 Available with Citronella Oil or Eucalyptus Oil to help Deter Mosquitoes

The base fuel is virtually odorless. The fuel is available pure or we add Citronella Oil or Eucalyptus Oil to help deter mosquitoes which adds a hint of a pleasant scent.


Independent Lab Tests & In-House Testing

We hired an outside lab to test the amount of smoke and soot that was emitted from our Firefly Tiki Fuel vs. common, big-box tiki torch fuel. We also ran our own in-house tests illustrating visual performance as well as time-lapse burn times. The lab tests were done using specific ASTME standards. The results showed our fuel produced much less smoke than our competitor. The figures show our competitor produced 350% more smoke and soot than our tiki fuel. Keep in mind lab tests and our in-house tests were done with some specific controls, i.e., exact wick heights, new, uncontaminated wicks and uncontaminated fuel supply.

Lab-Test Results PDF


Tiki Torch Fuel Performance Considerations

The two variables that affect results are contaminated wicks and wicks that are simply exposed too much. Your torch wastes fuel and smokes excessively when the wick is over exposed.

The wicks should not be exposed more than 1/4″ to provide a nice flame. We keep ours flush with the collar. There are some torches that have poor wick collars that don’t manage the flow of fuel up the wick properly and may require even lower wick heights. Be sure to use high-quality, fiberglass tiki torch wicks.

Contaminated wicks are another culprit contributing to poor performance. If you leave your torches outside and uncovered, your wick is soaking up that lovely rain water. Additionally, if you change fuels, you need to change the wick too or at least dry it out and then soak in Firefly Fuel. You must also empty the torch reservoirs to insure our tiki torch fuel is not mixed with whatever fuel you have been using as the performance will be compromised.


Our Tiki Torch Fuel is a True Alternative

You own high-quality Tiki Torches, and you need to use the best fuel that burns lean, doesn’t soot up your beautiful torches, odorless, provides a nice flame and lasts a long time. Firefly Tiki Torch Fuel is pure, odorless, lasts a very long time, and works with all cotton wicks and fiberglass replacement wicks. We searched far and wide for a superior long-lasting formula that stays lit, even in inclement weather. Firefly Pure Tiki Torch Fuel is a low-smoke, odorless, high-quality formula and free from unwanted additives.

Bugged by mosquitoes? Set a festive mood while you repel insects with Firefly’s Eucalyptus Tiki Torch Fuel. Our exclusive formula is infused with Eucalyptus oil which aids in repelling mosquitoes. There is a hint of fresh eucalyptus. It is mild and not overpowering.

We also offer Citronella Tiki Torch Fuel that repels bugs from outdoor outings with the fresh, lemony scent of pure Citronella Oil.

Select the volume that works best for you – 32 ounces, 1 gallon, 5 gallons, 55 gallons or a 330-gallon tote.

Here is a BLOG POST showing how to install the spigot into the 5-gallon container for easy access.


Firefly Tiki Torch Oil works great in tiki torches, canisters, fire pots with a wick and other similar products.

This time-lapse video shows the performance of various tiki torch fuels.


Another demonstration of various tiki torch fuels


Wick height matters as it relates to the performance of tiki torch fuel.

I’d like to give you some important tips so that you can get the maximum performance from Firefly Fuels.

All Firefly Fuels require a wick to burn and are combustible, not flammable. Our fuels should not be used in vessels that require alcohol-based fuels.

1) Remove old residual fuel from the fuel reservoir before filling with Firefly Fuel. It doesn’t need to be dishwasher clean, but you certainly don’t want to mix fuels together. Mixing fuels will change their burning properties and may cause excessive smoke.

2) Use a clean wick. The wick is the delivery vehicle for the fuel. If the wick is contaminated with old fuel or water, it will not perform properly. In a pinch, if you only have one wick, the following steps have worked well for our customers. 1) Dry the wick as much as possible using a paper towel. 2) Soak the wick in Firefly Fuel until it is completely saturated. That’s it!

3) The wick should be as low as possible. This will reduce smoke, provide a more consistent flame and conserve fuel. When I say low, I mean just barely above the wick holder. Within 5 minutes your flame will reach its maximum height.

4) When we add citronella or eucalyptus oil to the fuel, it is for the purpose of helping to deter bugs. The base fuel is odorless; however, adding the oils provides a mild scent of either citronella or eucalyptus. For those wanting a stronger scent, we have designed 2 patented aromatherapy candles, the Zen and Zen Petite. These candles allow you to add essential oils to the “Aroma Deck” which throws the scent. The benefits are…1.) You will use considerably less essential oil to achieve a strong scent. 2.) You will not contaminate the fuel, and it will burn cleanly. 3.) You can easily change the scent.

Zen Aromatherapy Candle
Zen Petite Aromatherapy Candle

5) FYI. Why is there a stream of smoke when blowing out a flame? This stream is vapor that has condensed into a visible form. It continues to form as long as the wick is hot enough to vaporize. If you touch a lit match to the stream, a flame will run down it and re-light the wick.

6) Excessive smoke can also be caused by wind which inhibits the fuel from completely burning.

7) If you are purchasing a 5-gallon container, Here is a BLOG POST showing how to install the spigot into the 5-gallon container for easy access.

2 reviews for Tiki Torch Fuel

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    J Jodoinon Amazon Review

    5.0 out of 5
    stars Great fuel!!!!
    By J Jodoinon November 5, 2017
    Size: 1 Gallon | Color: Eucalyptus Oil Formula | Verified Purchase

    I live in an area that has only an abundance of mosquitos but flying insects that are miserable to be around. Used Tiki lamps for years! The main thing I hated about burning them was the black smoke and smell. I tried Firefly Eucalyptus Tiki torch fuel for my lamps. Not did it keep mosquitoes away but all the others bothersome pest!!! It burns a lot cleaner and has very little odor. I love it have purchased many times. Will be glad to get to point where I can buy it by 5 gallon size. It also burns longer. I got this from Amazon, same day husband had stopped Home Depot and got orig. fuel. We have both Tiki torches and DIY torches from wine and beer bottles. Tiki lamps took more fuel than beer bottle torches and burned out before beer bottles! So we got to use both kind of fuel at same time. Ended up putting original fuel torches further away because of smoke and smell. You will not be sorry you bought this! Let’s not forget the wonderful atmosphere it creates all the while keeping bugs at bay. Buy it you’ll like it.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Diane – Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Glad I got this kind
    By Diane K TOP 1000 REVIEWER on March 19, 2018
    Size: 1 Gallon |Color: Eucalyptus Oil Formula | Verified Purchase

    I haven’t been able to test the efficacy of this yet on the mosquitoes because it’s still too cold for them, but I like the smell of the eucalyptus and find it burns very cleanly. I snuff it out with one of those tiki torch snifters, and there’s no smoke to speak of.

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