Our CLEAN Lamp Oil


New and Improved Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil is a Superior Replacement for Paraffin Lamp Oil - Odorless, Sootless & Smokeless.

Available with Citronella Oil or Eucalyptus Oil for Mosquito Protection

  • Less Expensive and much longer lasting than Paraffin Lamp Oil
  • CLEAN Burning
  • Available plain or with Citronella Oil or Eucalyptus Oil
  • Great alternative to Paraffin Lamp Oil

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Our CLEAN Lamp Oil is a True Alternative

Firefly Fuel brings to market a new CLEAN fuel as a DIRECT REPLACEMENT for paraffin lamp oil.

Firefly CLEAN lamp oil is non-smoking, sootless, odorless, provides a great flame and is longer lasting than paraffin oil.. Firefly CLEAN Fuel is just a simple, safe product.

Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil is a direct replacement for paraffin lamp oil with the same operating characteristics (smokeless, odorless and clean-burning) plus many notable improvements.

Firefly Clean Fuel Benefits vs. Paraffin Lamp Oil
Less Expensive than Paraffin Oil
Availability – Always readily available.
Increased Burn Times - 5% to 8% longer than paraffin lamp oil for even greater economy (results may vary)
Super Low freezing temperature Put in freezing temperature. No more turning solid at 35 degrees F.
Safer to Handle

The optional additives we offer are Citronella and Eucalyptus oils. These natural products are proven to increase insect protection when mixed with our new Firefly CLEAN fuel. 

Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil works well in oil lamps and oil candles.