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I’m Phil Tyson, CEO, of The Coconut Group, the company that is passionately committed to bringing elegant, eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable refillable oil candles and lamps to homes, restaurants and resorts.  We have products unlike any other. Our refillable liquid candles are replacing nasty disposable fuel cells all over the world!

We invite you, both wholesale and retail customers, to experience our new concept...

Firefly Brand Glass Liquid Oil Candles, Oil Lamps, Lamp Oil, Tiki Torch Fuel & Accessories

The best way to begin is by letting me take you to the area of the website that is intended just for you.  So, enjoy your tour…and welcome to Firefly Brand, a responsible, forward-thinking, passionate company.

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Hand-Blown Refillable Glass Oil Candles, Oil Lamps and Hurricane Lanterns

We searched high and low for this exquisite line of Firefly handblown glass liquid oil candles and lamps. People love candlelight and it is an essential part of dining out. People choose a restaurant by how it looks, before they've tasted the food, so it should be your number one priority in generating new business for your restaurant. Our refillable liquid candles and lamps are sturdy enough for every-day use yet they look delicately beautiful. The time has come to replace those messy wax candles and disposable fuel cells with refillable liquid candles. Our reusable liquid candles will never melt all over your table either. Simply, refill will your choice of fuel. We recommend either paraffin lamp oil or CLEAN lamp oil which is less expensive and burns longer.

Eco-Friendly Alternative Fuel for use in Tiki Torches, Oil Candles & Oil Lamps and Lanterns

Firefly Brand Safe & Green Fuel does it ALL! For use in oil lamps and lanterns, tiki torches and candles. It is sustainable, non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-flammable. Firefly Safe & Green Fuel is clean burning and odor free. Learn more about our Eco-Friendly Lamp Oil alternative.

Purchase can now easily purchase Firefly Brand Bulk Lamp Oil. We also ship internationally - Europe, Asia, Caribbean, Canada, Australia, China, India, South America, etc.

If you are budget conscience, the most economical product is our tiki torch fuel coming in at a very affordable price. It smoke's less and is odorless as well.

Try our CLEAN Lamp Oil - Citronella • Eucalyptus • Plain - It is a direct replacement for Mobil Norpar 12.

Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil is a Superior Alternative to Paraffin Lamp Oil - Odorless, Sootless & Smokeless. Available with Citronella Oil or Eucalyptus Oil for Mosquito Protection

• Less Expensive and much longer lasting alternative to Paraffin Lamp Oil
• Non-Petroleum Based Alternative
• Odorless
• CLEAN Burning
Citronella Lamp Oil or Eucalyptus Oil
• Great alternative to Paraffin Lamp Oil

Purest Available Paraffin Lamp Oil

Firefly Fuels were developed and bottled in Sarasota, Florida as a premium fuel for Tiki Torches, Lanterns and Lamps. Paraffin-based Lantern, Candle and Lamp oil is in pure form with no colorants or other inactive ingredients. The smoke-free paraffin oil has NO ODOR and long burn times. Learn About Our Fuel Testing

Paraffin Lamp Oil Comparison

Firefly Lantern and Lamp Oil is available with optional active ingredients, Essential Eucalyptus or Citronella oil for protection from mosquitoes and no-see-ums. This product is manufactured in the USA.


Tiki Torch Fuel & Tiki Oil

The Popular Tiki Torch has become a profitable niche for retailers. Firefly Fuels offers Tiki Torch Fuel in a pure fuel with no colorants or other inactive ingredients. Firefly Tiki Torch Fuel is also available with the active ingredients of Citronella Oil or Eucalyptus Oil to ward off those pesky flying critters that make outdoor living itchy! Our tiki torch oil outperforms the competition. It is a real alternative to common tiki torch fuel. Firefly Tiki Fuel has absolutely no odor, poduces significantly less soot, noticeably less smoke, has good biodegradability, and NO BTEX which is found in petroleum derivatives which have harmful effects on the central nervous system. Try our Tiki Lamp Oil.

tiki oil

Hospitality Sustainability - Restaurants, Resorts, Hotels, Event Planners, Caterers

Restaurants, Hotels and Resorts are always looking for ways to cut costs, improve service and ambiance. The Coconut Group provides products that do just that. Hospitality Sales Click Here.


Online and Brick & Mortar Retailers

As a retailer of Tiki Torches, Lanterns, Lamps and Candles, you must offer a premium fuel to your customers as the perfect add on to increase your sales; plus your customers will return regularly to your store to purchase more Firefly Fuel. Retailer Sales Click Here.



Firefly Fuels offer many advantages over other fuel providers, ie.drop shipments, private labeling, reliable supplys and competitive pricing. Whether you need 1,000 gallons, 55 gallons, 100 gallons, or a 5-gallon container, you owe it to yourselves to offer Firefly Fuel to your dealers.


Worldwide Distribution

Firefly Fuel ships all of our products worldwide; from the Maldives, to the UK, to the Caribbean, to Europe, to Hawaii, to Asia, to Australia, to Alaska to you. It's easy for us. We have international shipping contacts that provide reasonable, prompt shipping options no matter where you maybe.

If you are not offering Firefly Fuel, our glass oil candles and Lamps to your customers, you are missing an opportunity for more satisfied repeat customers . International Sales Click Here.


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