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Transcend Oil Lamp

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What Makes Our Transcend Oil Lamp Different?

UPC – 859064003591

Transcend – Extraordinary, modern, unique design featuring a two-piece refillable oil lamp by Firefly – Exquisite mood lighting inspires romantic emotion. The gift set contains 1 Transcend Oil Lamp comprised of a Bliss Liquid Candle and a clear glass hurricane candle holder, 16 oz. of smokeless and odorless pure lamp oil and a small funnel to make refilling a snap.

The Transcend is mouth blown using clear borosilicate glass which is NOT fragile but gives the illusion.

This is our staff’s favorite glass oil lamp! Be creative. There’s enough room below the oil candle to place shells, berries, greens, flowers or anything else you’d like. Additionally, you can purchase Firefly candle dye pack (red, yellow, & blue) and create any colored lamp oil you desire.

Need a unique gift idea that’s under $50 for the women in your life? Well, this is the perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, housewarming, or wedding.

  • Hand-Blown Borosilicate 2-Piece, Clear Glass Oil Lamp. The Bliss Liquid Candle appears to be floating in the hurricane candle holder. If you select the Gift Set, it includes 16 oz. of paraffin lamp oil and a small, plastic funnel for effortless refilling.
  • The area below the oil candle is large enough to showcase shells, berries or greens.
  • The Decorative Candle Holder is approximately 6-5/8″ high and the diameter is 3-1/8″. Perfect as a dining table centerpiece.
  • The Bliss Liquid Oil Candle holds about 2.7 ounces. Burn times are approximately 6 hours per ounce using Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil. Times may vary.
  • Get creative and color your lamp oil with Firefly Candle Dye. It’s fast, fun and easy. The 3-pack of dye must be purchased separately.



We recommend using Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil or Paraffin Lamp Oil because they are designed to burn very cleanly producing virtually no soot, smoke or odor. If you choose another brand, please select a high-quality pure liquid paraffin oil as best you can. You want a combustible fuel, NOT A FLAMMABLE fuel. NEVER USE KEROSENE, ACETONE, ALCOHOL, GASOLINE or PAINT THINNER. A combustible fuel requires a wick to burn. A flammable fuel will ignite by touching fire to it. Please do not use any type of vegetable oil because it will not work properly.

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