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What Makes Our Refill Bottle (Wholesale) Different?

This cool, new bottle will help you easily refill your oil candles and lamps without any fuss, muss or spills. The wide-mouth neck of this fabulous refiller makes it convenient and easy to fill with fuel. It will hold approximately 16 oz. and will refill a dozen or more oil candles. Our refill bottle makes refilling oil candles efficient, clean and simple. Our one-piece plastic bottle is fabricated from low density polyethylene (LDPE). The bottle is cast with a built-in delivery tube making it a sealed one-piece unit. This eliminates any potential of the tube coming loose or leaking. This must-have refill bottle is embossed with graduations in ml. One of our customers was kind enough to make the following suggestion… “If the bottle is filled ABOVE the top-most mark (500ml), it starts to siphon the fuel from the bottle all by itself – physics is physics, after all.”

  • Easily and Quickly Refill Your Firefly Liquid Candles. TIP: Unscrew the top slightly when storing to eleviate the pressure and be sure to store on a paper towel in case there is a drip.
  • If you prefer a greater flow of fuel, you can cut the tube back.
  • This empty bottle will hold approximately 16 oz. and will refill a dozen or more oil candles
  • Careful not to overfill as it will siphon the fuel – physics is physics. We suggest always filling your candles over a paper towel because there may be a drip or two and fuel can act as a solvent on wood and painted surfaces. If there is a little bit of fuel left in the spout, simply, unscrew the cap. This will release the pressure and the fuel will return to the bottle from the tip. Store on a plastic lid or a paper towel. That’s how we do it.

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