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What Makes Our Refill Bottle Different?

This cool, new bottle will help you easily refill your oil candles and lamps without any fuss, muss or spills. The wide-mouth neck of this fabulous refiller makes it convenient and easy to fill with fuel. It will hold approximately 16 oz. and will refill a dozen or more oil candles. Our refill bottle makes refilling oil candles efficient, clean and simple. Our one-piece plastic bottle is fabricated from low density polyethylene (LDPE). The bottle is cast with a built-in delivery tube making it a sealed one-piece unit. This eliminates any potential of the tube coming loose or leaking. This must-have refill bottle is embossed with graduations in ml. One of our customers was kind enough to make the following suggestion… “If the bottle is filled ABOVE the top-most mark (500ml), it starts to siphon the fuel from the bottle all by itself – physics is physics, after all.”

  • Easily and Quickly Refill Your Firefly Liquid Candles. TIP: Unscrew the top slightly when storing to eleviate the pressure and be sure to store on a paper towel in case there is a drip.
  • If You Prefer a Greater Flow of Fuel, You Can Cut the Tube Back
  • This empty bottle will hold approximately 16 oz. and will refill a dozen or more oil candles
  • Careful not to overfill as it will siphon the fuel? physics is physics. We suggest always filling your candles over a paper towel because there may be a drip or two and fuel can act as a solvent on wood and painted surfaces. If there is a little bit of fuel left in the spout,, simply, unscrew the cap. This will release the pressure and the fuel will return to the bottle from the tip. Store on a plastic lid or a paper towel. That’s how we do it.

What Others Think Of Our Refill Bottle

14 reviews for Refill Bottle

  1. April P – Amazon Review

    I really like using this for filling my candles. It’s very easy to use and don’t have to worry about spilling. Shipping was very fast and came sooner than the stated date. Will by from Firefly again.

  2. Donna – Amazon Review

    Great way to refill oil candles without spilling; so much easier than using a funnel! Would be a 5 star review if it came with a cap for the nozzle for between uses.

  3. ALAN RIDER – Amazon Review

    High quality product that is very sturdily made compared to the cheap Tattoo rinse bottle that I have tried. The angle fits all of my liquid Paraffin candles and fills them w/o the mess I used to create. Wish I had found this 40 years ago!! Also an excellent vendor, with great customer service!

  4. Amazon Customer – Amazon Review


  5. Kathy Bilden – Amazon Review

    This is so great to fill my candles with – no spilling !!! Perfect little spout !

  6. Joseph Risky – Amazon Review

    Wasn’t quite exactly what I was expecting, but that was on me. I didn’t pay close enough attention to the image offered before purchasing. Nonetheless, item works great and will NOT seek a return/refund. Maybe even purchase another in the future sometime.

  7. Randy – Amazon Review

    Excellent Oil Refill bottle for Oil Lamp and Warmers.
    Reason behind the recommendation is that I found this one to be the most efficient, But most Cost effective,
    It Eliminates the need of buying the small funnel needed for use in glass warmers, but the slightly larger one needed for Lamps.
    This one is a Winner in every aspect of usefulness in a new Product.

  8. Duane F. Fortier – Amazon Review

    ‘Works’ EXACTLY as described. NO MORE ‘fumbling’ w/ funnels !….Hooray…lol..I found filling & using this a basic ‘piece-of-cake’…

    Thank You for always shipping so very FAST & so very WELL-PACKED…

  9. Katvag – Amazon Review

    Works perfectly no more spilled fuel. Also no longer need funnel to be washed later. Also great for storing the liquid in a safe place

  10. Photo Student – Amazon Review

    Updated: Firefly offered to send me a replacement for the one that cracked. I upgraded my review from 4 to 5 stars. Very good customer service!

    Original review: I have been using one of these for over a year and am about to purchase a second one. The first one served me well, even though I did experience the drips described in other reviews and the need to be careful not to overfill or squeeze it accidentally. I always hold it over a sink when refilling candles. My old one cracked on the 300ml line, as someone else described, which was disappointing, but the overall helpfulness of this product is enough so that I won’t give up on it.

  11. JB97931 – Amazon Review

    This is a must buy if you are using the Firefly Tealights. It makes refilling the candles so much easier and much cleaner. We have 30 of the tea lights that we use nearly nightly, so refilling them is frequent.

  12. Kelly Dosch – Amazon Review

    The price was ridiculous for a plastic bottle. It also drips a bit after each use, but I suppose it would be next to impossible not to. That said, with all the little oil lamps I have, I wish I’d bought one 20yrs ago! No more trying to pour a one-gallon bottle of oil into a tiny lamp-opening while trying not to spill all over the coffee table! Free at last! Free at last!

  13. Robert P. – Amazon Review

    Works exactly as it advertised. Fills the container perfectly. Once the lamp is full you should allow 5 seconds for the nozzle to drain completely or it will drip. This should not be a problem. Much easier than pouring from another container.

  14. Trooper George – Amazon Review

    The refill bottle makes refilling liquid candles easy, all due to the exact instructions included with the bottle by the CEO of the company that produces the bottle. Another item well worth the purchase price. The humor of the CEO in his instructions, and his sincere method of promoting safety are appreciated and will solidify his business.

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