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Small Plastic Funnels – 2 Sizes – 6-Pack

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6-Pack of Funnels – 2 sizes – 2-5/16″ & 1-1/8″ Wide

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What Makes Our Small Plastic Funnels – 2 Sizes – 6-Pack Different?

SPECIFICATIONS:  You will receive 6 plastic funnels.  3 of Each Size.  The Small Plastic Funnel Measures – 1-1/8 inch in diameter at the top and 1-5/8″ from Top to Bottom. The Larger Plastic Funnel Measures – 2-5/16 inch in diameter at the top and 3” from Top to Bottom. The Bottom Diameter is 3/16” wide for Both Funnels. The Inside Opening of the Larger Funnel is Somewhat Larger than The Smaller Funnel Allowing Greater Flow.  The Second Photo Shows the Dimensions of each Funnel.

MULTI-PURPOSE USE: Use the Clear, Hard Funnels for Pouring Fuel into Firefly Refillable Candles, Essential Oils into Glass Bottles with Very Small Openings. Other Uses Include Sand Art, Salt Art, Glitter, Ice Balls, Transferring – Fragrance Perfume Carrier Roll-On Oils – Cologne, Nail Polish, Vaping Oils, Thick, Viscous Liquids, Dry Ingredients, Cosmetics, Fine Powders, Spices, Food, Resin Molds, Etc. The Funnels Can Be Nested for Easy Storage with Other Craft Supplies. Great for Arts and Crafts Projects and Science Experiments. No More Mess.

VIDEO:  Be Sure to Watch the Video on This Page Showing More Details About the Funnels.

FILLING OIL CANDLES and USING LIQUIDS: Elevate the Funnel Above the Opening to Avoid the Dreaded OVERFLOW. The Larger Funnel is Great for Filling Firefly Refillable Pillar Candles which Hold a Large Amount of Fuel.

I use the small funnel for our Firefly Bliss Petite Refillable Liquid Candle and the larger funnel for our Refillable Pillar Candles which hold quite a bit of fuel. The larger opening makes refilling faster.

What Others Think Of Our Small Plastic Funnels – 2 Sizes – 6-Pack

10 reviews for Small Plastic Funnels – 2 Sizes – 6-Pack

  1. Texgal – Amazon Review

    These little funnels are perfect for my business, which is putting stuff from big bottles into smaller ones. Just perfect for me!

  2. Daniel Cruz – Amazon Review

    Works great! Love that it’s clear plastic. You can see through to see when it is full. Fits perfect in tight spots. I use it for my lawnmower.

  3. sugarbelle – Amazon Review

    I purchased these to fill a little outdoor oil lamp, the kind that uses insect-repelling oil. The larger of the two worked perfectly for that… the spout is small enough to fit even a small oil lamp such as mine, but not so small that it drains slowly. Then I discovered that the small funnel was ideal for filling a blown-glass candle, the kind that uses colored oil and has a super small opening (and whose original funnel I had lost and thought I’d never find a small enough replacement for). Finally, my daughter used the larger funnel – and since there are several of each size, you don’t need to worry about cleaning your oil-filling funnel for use in the kitchen – to fill a silicone ice cube tray that makes spherical ice cubes and requires pouring the liquid in a very small hole in the top of each “ball.”

    Bottom line: An excellent purchase!

  4. T. C. Jones – Amazon Review

    I use these to transfer a skincare product from a LARGE jar to an airless pump. These are perfect for that purpose.

  5. R. Parriott – Amazon Review

    Well made and delivered on time.

  6. Jules – Amazon Review

    Packaging was excellent. The funnels are great, but the customer service is what really makes this product worthwhile. I made homemade vanilla extract for Christmas gifts this year and needed some small funnels. They work great!

  7. Lu Ann Nye – Amazon Review

    These are literally amazing. Can’t say enough and came quickly.

  8. philz – Amazon Review

    Good funnels. Using them to fill supplements and vitamins into size 0 capsules, the neck fits snugly without leaks.

  9. Michael Stapleton – Amazon Review

    Great small set of funnels . Well made. Has a great small size selection.

  10. Diane McCoy – Amazon Review

    Perfect sizes. We’re using one this weekend to pour sand in an hour glass as unity of a marriage.

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