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Safe & Green Fuel

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Firefly Eco-Friendly, Safe & Green Tiki Torch Fuel is unlike typical Common Tiki Fuel.

Firefly Safe & Green Lamp Oil with GUARDIAN is an amazing new formula that deters mosquitoes, no see ums, midges, fleas, etc. It confuses the small fliers! If you have mangroves where the no see ums love to breed, you will be duly impressed as we were and mosquitoes are a piece of cake!

Now combine that with Safe & Green lamp oil which is non-toxic and 100% sustainable and you’ve got a real winner you will find NOWHERE else!

Do yourself and your loved ones a favor. Give GUARDIAN a try. This stuff is amazing. It’s effective even when NOT LIT.


Safe & Green Fuel is a True Alternative

You own high-quality Tiki Torches, and you need to use the best fuel that burns lean, doesn’t soot up your beautiful torches, odorless, provides a nice flame and lasts a long time. Firefly Safe & Green Fuel is pure, odorless when burning.

Bugged by mosquitoes? Set a festive mood while you repel insects with Firefly’s Guardian Tiki Torch Fuel. Our exclusive formula is infused with essential oils which aid in repelling mosquitoes.


Firefly Safe & Green works great in tiki torches, canisters, fire pots with a wick and other similar products.

This time-lapse video shows the performance of various tiki torch fuels.


Another demonstration of various tiki torch fuels


Wick height matters as it relates to the performance of tiki torch fuel.

I’d like to give you some important tips so that you can get the maximum performance from Firefly Fuels.

All Firefly Fuels require a wick to burn and are combustible, not flammable. Our fuels should not be used in vessels that require alcohol-based fuels.

1) Remove old residual fuel from the fuel reservoir before filling with Firefly Fuel. It doesn’t need to be dishwasher clean, but you certainly don’t want to mix fuels together. Mixing fuels will change their burning properties and may cause excessive smoke.

2) Use a NEW wick. This is a plant-based fuel.

3) FYI. Why is there a stream of smoke when blowing out a flame? This stream is vapor that has condensed into a visible form. It continues to form as long as the wick is hot enough to vaporize. If you touch a lit match to the stream, a flame will run down it and re-light the wick.


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