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Private labeling is offered to half- and full-skid wholesale customers.

The process is simple. The client provides the artwork to our label specifications. The label will be produced and have all the required safety notations.

Firefly will label your products with your company's label. All product will arrive ready for sale in our safe shipping boxes.


The advantages for you are many.


  • Product identification in your company name
  • Reduced competition as no competitor will have your product
  • Prestige of having your own fuel to sell
  • Over time, organic demand will be created increasing sales
  • Stable prompt supply from Firefly Fuel reducing order lead times
  • Little to no cost increase.
  • UPC codes specific to your product can be included on label
  • Labels uniquely yours as colorful as you desire


Call now and ask for Tammy at 888-472-6740.