Retailer Sales

Retailer Sales

Do you operate an online store, a brick and mortar business or both?

The Coconut Group has developed a collection of extraordinary products that are socially responsible, perform magnificently, supports our ecology plus saves money. 

Here's What We Can Do for You

• Increase the Initial Sale by creatively bundling products

• REPEAT fuel and accessory sales creating customer loyalty

• Lots of photos and videos keep visitors on your site longer 

• Offer unique GREEN and eco-friendly products to your customers

• Stocking or drop-ship 


• Private Labeling

• We make it easy for you to add products to your online store by providing a product spreadsheet

• Fun, easy-to-work with vendor with more than 16 years of online sales experience

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Your Customer's Experience

• New, unique, green products unavailable anywhere else 

• Gift sets make for quick and easy checkout 

• Green enthusiasts will be very excited about these products.

• One-stop shopping for everything the customer will need to enjoy their new Firefly Oil Candles

About Our Products

Retailers are always on the look out for that special, new product that will attract customers, deliver results, all at a profitable and reasonable price.

The Coconut Group offers a fuel that is 100% sustainable, non-toxic, burns clean, provides a bright flame, is smoke free, safe to ship and easy on our planet. I know it sounds too good to be true.

The Safe and Green fuel is refined from Palm Kernel seeds a waste material that is refined into this great fuel.  The Palm kernel seeds are harvested from Palm trees mostly in Malaysia on 100-year-old plantations. We save this material from being dumped as waste into our eco system by turning it into a pure safe fuel that is becoming the standard for tiki torches, oil candles, lamps, lanterns plus any other wick-powered lighting device.  

Oil-filled candles are rapidly replacing the throw-away fuel cells used in tabletop candle holder in many restaurants . Firefly Fuel makes you a responsible reseller by offering a line of beautiful candle holders and three different-size refillable fuel cells that are permanent replacements for the wasteful throw-away fuel cells.

It is now time that all responsible users of the throw-away fuel cells switch to oil filled fuel cells or refillable oil candles. Why you ask?

• Safety  
• Environmental responsibility  
• Smoke free  
• NO SOOT!   
• Non-Toxic  

These are just a few of the reasons you should seriously consider our product offering. You will realize many more once you embrace the sale of truly GREEN products.

I saved the best for last. It saves money for every restaurant that has been using those throwaway fuel cells. Take a look at our savings calculator.

REMEMBER! Sustainability is no longer an option it's our responsibility!

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