32 oz. Paraffin Lamp Oil

odorless liquid paraffin lamp oil
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Price: $13.99
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Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil is the purist fuel available for indoor and outdoor use in Oil Lamps, Candles, and Lanterns. Firefly Paraffin Fuel is clear with NO inactive ingredients.

NEVER MIX FUELS as mixing will change burning characteristics.

Have some fun! We're offering color intensive dyes that you can add to our lamp oil. 3 primary colors will allow you to create any color you like. It's easy and not messy. Execute this on a paper towel or plate. Simply dip a wooden toothpick into the dye bottle, now place the toothpick in your oil candle and swirl until you get the desired depth of color. The dye is very, very concentrated. You will only need a very, very small amount. Enjoy and get creative.

When you change colors, the wick will gradually take on the new color. Additionally, you could purchase some extra wicks if you are so inclined. We have an easy way to thread those tiny collars. Using a piece of scotch tape, attach to the top of the wick. Allow about 2 inches above the top of the wick so you can get the thread going. Insert into the collar and pull. Easy!

Our Paraffin Oil is safely packaged in commercial-style containers to eliminate confusion with fruit juices. All Firefly Fuels are bottled in our Sarasota, FL facility using recyclable bottles and childproof caps. Firefly Paraffin Oil provide a smokeless, odorless flame and extended burn times at a competitive price.

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