Our Smokeless Paraffin Lamp Oil

Simply Pure Paraffin Lamp Oil is available with Citronella Oil or Eucalyptus Oil for Mosquito Protection

  • 99.9% Pure Paraffin Lamp Oil
  • Oil Lamps & Lanterns, Tiki Torches and Oil Candles
  • Clean Burning
  • Odorless Burning

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Paraffin Lamp Oil Comparison

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About Our Simply Pure Paraffin Lamp Oil

Learn About Our Paraffin Lamp Oil Testing

You’ll love the clean, smoke-free glow of Firefly liquid paraffin oil in your hurricane lamps, marine lanterns, oil candles and tabletop tiki torches. After extensive searching and thorough product testing, we’re proud to offer Firefly Pure Paraffin Lamp Oil, a 99.9% pure, clean-burning, long-lasting paraffin oil that can be used inside your home or outdoors.

Firefly Lamp Oil is also available in an exclusive anti-insect formula with pure Lemon Eucalyptus Lamp Oil, for outdoor use. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has found Lemon Eucalyptus to be as effective as DEET in repelling mosquitoes. And it smells great, with a fresh, citrusy, balsamic scent.

For those who prefer the traditional clean, lemony scent of Citronella Lamp Oil to ward off unwelcome insect guests, there’s Firefly Citronella Paraffin Lamp Oil. All Firefly paraffin lamp oil formulas are custom blended and made in the USA!

About Our Essential Oils

We add only the highest-quality PURE essential oils to our Firefly Fuels, to ensure they provide effective insect-repellant properties, and they smell great, too!

Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil is guaranteed to work with these oil lamps and any other similar lamps or lanterns which use 1/8" round wicks to 1-1/2" flat wicks:

Firefly Simply Pure Paraffin Lamp Oil works well in oil lamps, oil candles, tiki torches and any other similar products.