Insect Control

This is big folks! Firefly Safe & Green Lamp Oil with GUARDIAN is an amazing new formula that deters mosquitoes, no see ums, midges, fleas, etc. It confuses the small fliers!

It's finally here, an amazing new formula that deters mosquitoes and no-see-ums from crashing your outdoor festivities. We call it GUARDIAN for obvious reasons. GUARDIAN is a combination of 15 or so essential oils that actually confuse mosquitoes and no-see-ums. It's the perfect addition to our Safe & Green fuel. Guardian even works when not lit so you're protected all day and night long. Go ahead, leave your doors open! 

We live on a barrier island off the South West Florida Coast which is known for the abundance of no-see-ums, a.k.a, sand fleas, midges and a few other descriptive names! Anyway, we moved in to our home not really knowing about the bug problem and rescreened our pool cage with the standard screen material. Much to our surprise, we were swatting and swatting while trying to enjoy "The Florida Lifestyle" INSIDE OF OUR POOL CAGE. So, we rescreened with "no see um" screening. That helped but did not put an end to the little, biting buggers. Finally, we found an EASY solution. You guessed it... GUARDIAN did the trick. 

We then provided samples to neighbors, friends, employees and wow! The feedback was over the top.  They experienced what we had.  

Be one of the first to try it and get the word out. People need to know about this! THIS IS BIG!