Our Safe & Green Lamp Oil / Tiki Torch Fuel

Eco-Friendly Lamp Oil & Tiki Torch Fuel

If you have small children or pets, this is the only fuel that's NON-TOXIC!

  • Firefly SAFE & GREEN Fuel does it ALL! It's the new alternative.
  • Oil Lamps & Lanterns, Tiki Torches and Oil Candles
  • NON-TOXIC, Non-Hazardous, Non-Flammable
  • Clean & Odorless Burning
  • 100% Sustainable
  • Longer Burn Times than Tiki Torch Fuel

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Application Flexibility - Use in any Oil Lamp or Tiki Torch as a Sustainable Alternative

Indoor & Outdoor Useability

  • Oil lamps and lanterns, tiki torches, oil candles, firepots with wick adaptor, and ventless fireplaces with a flat wick mat.
  • Replaces paraffin fuel that becomes solid at 35 degrees F.

Fuel Safety


  • Accidental ingestion is not life threatening
  • Childproof caps
  • Industrial bottle design won’t be confused for Juice container
  • Initial smell when opened warns against drinking (completely odor free when burning)
  • Clear-color fuel less confusing with popular colored juice drinks


  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • Spills are easy and safer to clean up
  • No restrictive shipping requirements


  • Higher flash point than tiki torch fuel
  • Safer to ship

A Truly Green, Sustainable, Eco-friendly Fuel Alternative

  • The oil from the fruit meat is mostly used for human consumption or as an ingredient in animal feed.

  • The raw material is Palm Kernel Oil, purchased from soap companies that would otherwise sell it for cosmetics, pesticides or other uses. In simple terms: it is waste material from another industry.

  • The oil, which is extracted from the kernels, is mostly short chain fatty acids. 66% of these are used to produce soaps and shampoos. This is the main reason that palm kernel oil is being used.

  • Palm kernel oil is approximately 10% of the total oil quantity from palm production, and the 2 specific chain lengths used represents less than 1% of the total palm oil produced.

  • All types of soaps, shampoos etc. which are being used by humans in the industrialized world do have ingredients from palm kernel oil. More than 90% of the packed goods in the supermarkets contains palm kernel oil either in the product itself or in the packaging.

  • The oil that we are using comes out of Malaysia. These are more than 100 years old and have nothing to do with deforestation and destruction of the rain forest.

  • Finally, and once again, they only buy palm kernel fatty acid chains from soap manufacturers which can trace its source back to RSPO approved growers. www.RSPO.org

  • Clean burning, virtually smoke-free even with larger wicks

  • Odor-free burning in oil lamps, candles and tiki torches

  • No buildup of soot, just a beautiful, clean flame

Firefly Safe & Green Fuels are guaranteed to work with these oil lamps, oil candles, tiki torches and any other similar products:

  • TIKI® Brand by Lamplight Farms
  • Legends Lifestyle
  • Astonica
  • Blue Rhino
  • Bond Manufacturing
  • Focus Industries
  • H. Potter
  • Starlite Garden & Patio Torche Co.
  • Strathwood
  • Pangaea Home and Garden
  • Twilight by Housewarmer