128 oz. CLEAN Lamp Oil

CLEAN Lamp Oil with childproof packaging
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Price: $25.99
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And the results! In-house testing showed Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil burned 50% longer than Firefly Paraffin Lamp Oil. Results may vary.

• CLEAN Lamp Oil

• Very Economical - Costs Less & Burns Longer than Paraffin

• Smokeless & Sootless

• NEVER MIX FUELS as mixing will change burning characteristics


• Available plain or with Citronella Oil or Eucalyptus Oil

Purchase CLEAN Lamp Oil in convenient 128-oz. childproof containers.

Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil provides a bright yellow, happy flame with virtually any oil lamp using a cotton or fiberglass wick. Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil is exclusively packaged in our Sarasota, FL facility using commercial-style containers and childproof caps. We do not want any confusion with popular fruit juices. We want you and your children to be safe.

Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil is clear with NO inactive ingredients, such as colorants, to reduce its purity. Long burn times make Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil the quality economy fuel for your oil lamps.

• For use in Oil Candles and Lamps that use a Small Wick. NOT FOR USE in TIKI TORCHES as it will smoke.

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Reviewed by customer
03/04/2014 - 01:49:11 PM
The oil is fantastic and burns forever
Thank you so much for correcting my order last time. I love the new oil and just ordered 4 more gallons.

You have been very helpful even though the mistake on the order was my own and that by itself meant a lot to me.

The oil is fantastic and burns forever. I have burned a lot of oils this winter so I'm very aware of the different odors and smoke most oils come with. Your videos explain a lot of what I've been dealing with. I've used almost an entire gallon of your clean fuel in 2 weeks so I can personally attest that all your videos on this site are true. Very clean and very long lasting.

The combination of a fantastic product and super great service has made me stop searching for a better deal on lamp oil

Thank you very much.

Eric Everett